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Installation Instructions

1. Download, install, and activate our free WordPress plugin:

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2. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > ‘WP Stripe Global Settings’ and connect your Stripe API keys. Use the tabs to activate desired payment options, customize the design of your payment form, and adjust other settings.

3. Read about the shortcodes below to learn how you can customize multiple payment forms throughout your website. Get paid exactly how you want to from anywhere in the world!


Default Shortcode

Default shortcode for displaying a form anywhere on your site.


***The below shortcode attributes and parameters are optional.***

Form Title

Displays as the form’s title if present.


Product Description

Long description of the product/service, displayed right below the form_title if present.


Product URL

Displays next to the form_title and description if present.


Product Name

Product name to be sent to Stripe. This is a new addition and is not displayed anywhere on the front-end.


Default Currency

Currency option(s) to display on the front end dropdown, but dependent on payment types, so is filtered to only display ones that work with each payment type on the front. It causes the currency dropdown field to lock on the front end. Certain payment methods (e.g., those supported by Sources) can only be used with specific currencies.


Designate Payment Amount

Locks the amount field to the specified amount. Will use the first available default_currency when used to avoid exchange issues.


Subscription Frequency

If present, displays the recurring payment option(s) on the front end. Accepts values of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, annually or all.


Collect & Require Billing Details

If equal to yes Forces address fields to be displayed on the front end.


Collect & Require Zip/Postal Code Details

Displays the zip field on the front, even if require_billing isn’t used. Note that the zip is always present in the card payment option via the Stripe card element regardless of this setting, but forces zip to be collected for other payment types as well.


Image URL

Displays a product/service image


Phone number

Displays the phone number field


Full Example Shortcode:


Additional Information

* For asynchronous payment methods to work properly, webhooks are automatically created in your Stripe dashboard. Webhooks are automatically re-created in the Stripe Dashboard if they are deleted.
* You must have a verified Stripe.com account in a supported Stripe country to use this plugin.
* Alipay and WeChat payments can only be accepted from Chinese citizens with identity verified Alipay and WeChat accounts. The Stripe sources API cannot presently accept payments from unverified Alipay and WeChat account holders, but this may be subject to change.
* Alipay and WeChat payments cannot be set up for recurring subscription payments as they are one-time chargeable payment sources on the Stripe API.
* WP Stripe Global uses the Stripe Sources API and will require API keys from a verified Stripe.com account in order to function properly for TEST and/or LIVE payment modes.
* If you have any problems or need installation support, please contact us for immediate support BEFORE leaving negative feedback. We will do our best to resolve your issue or use your feedback to improve future releases.

We currently only offer limited free support, but we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible within our available resources. We are a growing team and appreciate your support and patience as we get lots of requests!

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